Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. More than 65 percent of our population depends on agriculture. One-third of our national income comes from agriculture. The development of agriculture has much to do with the economic welfare of our country. The Government is trying to help the farmers in bringing new initiatives to help farmers making agriculture sustainable. ‘RVS farms’ is one such accomplishment in the arena of sustainable agriculture rendering service to nature and mankind

Chairman, RVS TRUST

Our Chairman’s Vision:

Afforestation – “Kaadu Valarpom” taking up the challenge of converting the waste and the barren lands into fertile and round-the-year yield producing lands providing value to the land and the people of the land. To simply put, “Transformation of Paalaivanam to Solaivanam” is our Chairman’s Vision and Mission.

Our Chairman’s Success Story:
Apart from establishing and managing numerous educational institutions across the state of Tamil Nadu, his passion and delight is in agriculture – planting trees wherever whenever possible. Our Chairman has done a pioneering role in ushering Green Revolution and subsequent developments in agriculture through KVK schemes for the past two decades. He has put his body, mind, soul and has achieved in converting four thousand acres of wastelands into fertile and yield-producing lands in places like Thenkasi, Tathankulam, Tanjore, Dindigul, Ayyalur, Sempatti, and Coimbatore through modern research and technological developments making a visible impact and providing employment opportunities to thousands of agricultural labourers in and around the farms. The pinnacle is the environmental benefits that are enjoyed by the ecosystem.

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